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Thursday, May 12, 2011

No turbulence!

So, Tuesday I finally had lunch with my pilot. I told my work crew I was stepping out for a quick meeting and would be back in a jiffy. Well, lunch was great...and 2.5 hours later my entire staff was asking why I was grinning and glowing. We had to meet for lunch before he had to start his 2 day trip, so he was in his pilot pants but wore a cute polo to avoid the full monkey suit as he calls it. I'm still trying not to get lost in the excitement, but he's making hard not to. We have a lot of the sane goals and interests, and he earned major points when he said he'd love to move to San Diego!

We texted after lunch and as he's done each trip since we first met, he let's me know when he lands and where he's headed next. I love that. It let's me have two seconds of jumping there with him and breaks up my day. Yesterday was pure madness at work, one of those days where the ball just starts rolling faster than anyone can keep up with. Miami boy had mentioned possibly hanging out after work, and I just was having a day that made me think I'd just need the night to myself. I got home and took my fogs for a walk and was just trying to decide if company would help or just complicate my mood.

Of course that's when pilot texted that he was down the road...doing some shopping. We chatted a bit and finally I threw out the idea od dinner in and a movie on the couch. He said he was hoping I'd suggest that. :-) dinner was fab, movie was funny, kissing him was amazing. He's a keeper! We made out, talked, made out. He's charming, passionate, and very stylish. But in the...I'm not trying sense which I find really sexy. So, I'm gonna keep my hopes up...keep being honest and open with him and my feelings, and keep enjoying lifes little wonders.

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