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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hump Day!!!

Here it is hump day and all I can think of is my someone special who's out of town for work. While we haven't "labeled" ourselves yet...I am really imagining how great it would be to continue to share time with him and be able to say I'm all his. I've honestly had no desire to call, text, or see anyone else since our first dinner date. When I'm with him I feel totally myself and he makes no effort to imply I should do anything different than that. He makes me feel safe. He gave me the best hug I've ever had two nights ago before I left his house. It felt so nice. He's so strong and yet so gentle and kind. He wrapped his built arms all the way around me while straddling me on the bed. We were clothed, so don't get dirty with your thoughts.

It was like being wrapped in armor made of the mist refined metals. He tucked his shaved head into my neck and just squeezed. It almost took my breath away...just that one hug. Imagine if I had woken up next to him and could start my day with that kind of energy and sense of strength! We've both shared with eachother how right this all feels but also how we don't want to effect the outcome by rushing into it too quickly. Of course, we rushed a bit by sleeping together the first night...and the there's some things that you just have to let happen when it feels so right. Right? I can not wait til he's back home and I get to see him again. I feel like each time we both get a bigger confirmation of how much we can each bring to the table and how we are enjoying this so much. Which he's actually shared in texts...which coming from such a beefy hot guy is even sweeter than anything I could have asked for.

I'm trying my best to just keep being me and not let my nerves or hopes get in the way. But how does one not think about the possibilities? Meanwhile I've begun closing off and shutting down conversations w guys I had been hanging out with and chatting with. I feel like even if something gets in the way of this Mr. least it's showed me what it should feel like when I first begin spending time with Mr. Right. The sheer possibilities of what could be thrill me's just so amazing.

Ok...must rest. Late work day tomorrow...and hopefully a dinner date with Mr. Man. ;-)
Wishing everyone love and peace within! - Rin

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