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Friday, September 28, 2012


It's finally the end of the week and the start to a three day weekend!!  Mr.'s bday is Monday, so we're taking the day to relax and get some pampering via our favorite thai massage place.  So, as usual friday means a long day for Mr., so I'm home with the boys,walked em, fed em, walked em again.  Even cleaned and emptied the dishwasher.  Usually by now I am either planning to bake something in order to stay busy, or I'm searching for another project to add to my wish list.  I am a step closer in making my boys their new beds as I discovered that I had enough upholstery fabric left from an old old project that will be perfect.  So, that's a done deal once I get Stitchy out of the coat closet and get him goin.

The rest of the weekend will be birthday cake baking, fondant rolling, and final shopping, family time, lots of good food, and hopefully plenty of fine wine.  Last weekend we had a fleeting moment of excitement about the possibility of realizing our dream of living in the woods when out of the blue an associate Mr. has worked with in the past emailed that she wanted to find someone to live in her home and thought Mr. and I seemed to be a great fit.  We actually drove out that day...way out to be exact.  It was almost an hour and a half away from where I was brilliantly adorable and had so many of the things we are looking for too.

And to be honest after two days of considering all the pros and cons, I was leaning towards thinking the huge commute was worth the chance to live somewhere so peaceful and with so much space to do fun things with.  They seriously had enough space, and even a fenced in area, for goats and chickens.  I could almost taste the amazing eggs and goat cheese!   Unfortunately, with some influence from some parental units, and the reality of fuel costs and the possible effects 3 hours in a car may do to one or both of us (if we could commute together), we have almost completely walked away from the possibility.  I think I honestly am more sad than Mr...when he was so for it in the first place and I was the one considering all the other options.  But whatever place we find, I know it'll feel like home as long as I have Mr. and the boys...and a big kitchen!  The boys just want a yard, they're sick of peeing and pooing while leashed.

So, that's that.  I was going to make dinner...but I have no idea when Mr. will be home, so I'm hoping he's ok with ordering a pizza and some beer.

Peace, love, and laughter - Rin

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