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Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Faves

So, second week coming to a close...besides having to go in tomorrow for a bit...but so far still feeling great about it and excited to see some growth in the biz.  Staff meeting went great and everyone seems on board with where we need to be and what we all need to do to get there.  Took the dogs in to the office yesterday to meet everyone and they did great.  It's always a bonus that they are so excited for car that they come home and sleep like they just ran a marathon...actually, they're both still zonked out after breakfast this morning too.

Today is a late start...I have to hang around and help close up it just means I have to force myself to be lazy and lounge about more than feels normal.  I made a friday treat to take in last night...rice crispy treats, but with fruity pebbles.  So good.  I never was allowed to have sugary cereals as a kid...thank you mom and dad for being so wise...and so now sometimes they just seem like a good dessert option.  When we used to go to the cabin as kids that was the only time we were allowed to pick a "bad" cereal...and the farthest my rents would usually stretch was Golden Grahams...which by today's standards...actually doesn't seem that bad.

In other news I've been back on track with the new Interventions...I just get sucked it so easily to these shows.  It's either because of my psychology and behavior background...or because it makes my daily stressors seem like a party. Or a healthy combination of both.  Anywho...Hoarders is starting up soon too...and so I can only assume I'll be on board there and having my late night cleaning/purging fits just to ensure I am not holding onto anything for the wrong emotional reasons.  I am naturally an antihoarding individual...but I still have a junk draw and a shelf in a closet that seems to collect things I am sure I need, but have no use for now.  So, after I watch an episode of Hoarders, I am either purging one of those areas, or rearranging my spice and baking shelves to at least be able to sleep.

Well, for now I must shave, shower, and get the boys out on the trail.  Happy Friday - Rin

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