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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lounging Around

Last week was a long week...a doozy to be exact.  Isn't it just life to get you cranking along up hill...seeming like things are just peachy, then smacking reality in your face with a $2400 "routine maintenance" bill for your  vehicle.  Really?  I almost through up when the dealer called me with the news.  I know there are people in worse situations, and I am always grateful for what I have an what opportunities have come to me, but sometimes it's a bit much to swallow the bullshit and not want things to be a bit easier.  Of course they had my balls in a clamp, and not in a good way either.  They claimed I couldn't drive it out, so if I wanted to get a second opinion I would have had to deal with a tow, and more expense.  Of course the $3000 extended warranty I added when I bought the truck didn't include anything like this since it was "wear & tear".  So they called to see if I would approve the repair or not.  Sure, I don't approve the repair, I'd love to pay my monthly car payment and just use the car as a really large flower planter and park it in front of my building for my neighbors to enjoy.

So, out of the shit storm comes the ever present fact that Mr. is still my rock and always lends the stability and outlook that bumps come and go and we'll get over it somehow.  He truly is the first person in life that has been there for me in a way like no other.  Able to say exactly what I need to hear, and completely mean it.  Of course that just made me guilty for the pity party I had been throwing for myself, because I know there are plenty of people going through shit without anyone to back them up...but I've been there too, so I am one hundred percent grateful and appreciative of it all.  Just wishing life would give me a bit more time to get up hill before it kicks me in the balls.  I said fuck it, fix the shit and I'll pick it up when I figure out where I'm robbing peter to pay paul.  Wouldn't life just be easier if we all had a trust fund sitting waiting for stuff like this.  If all of our families thought long ago to make a little account for us that just sits accruing interest for lifes shit party to kick off...and just have it pop up and save the day.  Ah's bitch when all you want is the beach.

Anywho, enough of that rambling.  In other news, I'll be taking donations to get Earl back...and hoping not to have to rely on installing video cameras around my house and putting it online.  lol.
We're just having a chill Sunday.  Slept in, walked the pups in the woods, and now i'm about to draft up the weeks grocery list.  Love the fall, but I hate the growing temptation to make big casseroles and crock pot meals that are not waistline approved.  But I think I'm going to say fuck it and just pre-portion them so that we not only have leftovers stocked, but I don't go without and then hit the point where I go full throttle.  We'll see...Mr. hates leftovers, so that's always fun to try to pass off in his lunch.  So, that's that.  Here's to another week coming up and hoping to get through it and still be able to float through to next payday...otherwise, I'll be on the corner in my short shorts.  :-)

Cheers - Rin

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