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Monday, September 17, 2012

MANdatory Monday

Checking Monday off the list is like one of those tasks that seems to make everything else on the list seem easier.  It's like getting on a bike after it's been a few years...and then you realize, it's just another bike ride.  It may  have different bumps and turns, but you'll get to the end and have a beer to celebrate.  So, that's how I see the week.  All the true sides of everyone in the new office are starting to show and my psychologist side is reveling in figuring everyone out and whether they're feeding the crazy or trying to calm bring normalcy to the place.  So far I am optimistic that I have enough of the heavy hitters on my bringing calm side to make it possible to get my job done and still have fun doing it.

As for the non-work stuff.  Tis good, tis great.  Had an amazing weekend even though I worked Sat morning.  Still felt like Mr. and I had lots of time to have fun and enjoy some R&R.  My dogs had a great weekend and enjoyed lots of hikes and we're all loving the fall weather.  If I could have Fall and Spring I'd be golden...oh wait, I'd be southern Californian...and I was.  :-)   But something about winter seems fun too, mainly the excuse to indulge in deliciousness and holiday cheer.  Oh, desserts...lots of desserts.  I'm  thinking of baking up some doggy treats tonight to take to some work people and have on hand for the boys.  That way i'm not baking something I can eat. Safer that way.

Cheers - Rin

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