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Sunday, September 30, 2012

R & R

The weekend has been lovely.  Great Fall weather, lots of time to rest and hang out with the boys and Mr, and good food too.  Made Mr's cake and we had it at the family celebration came out pretty well.  It was the first time I've made buttercream that you cook...but it was delish!  Of course the bitty balls of chocolate chip cookie dough I filled the center of the cake with helped too.  Tomorrow is another day of relaxation along with thai massages.  Mr. loved the gifts I've let him open so far...he's saving at least one for his actual b-day tomorrow.  His fave so far was the staghorn fern...or moose fern...they're such cool plants that end up growing on the sides of trees.  Ours of course is in a pot that hangs off the wall, but hopefully as it grows and we repot it, we'll be able to rig it to a cool reclaimed piece of wood, or a door or something cool.

Today we're in a food coma, about to walk the dogs and hopefully walk off some of the cake too.  We have a new calendar of fun dates and things we want to do before we move to the next place next May.  We set dates to schedule our next excited, and not sure I wanna wait...but trying to be good. Excited for all the things to look forward to.  Just happy being where I am and with the people that love me like I love them.

Here's to a great week and lots more ink! - Rin

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