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Saturday, June 4, 2011

This & That

So, my new man is still in the picture. ;-) We are hanging out and hitting the gym together everyday when he's in town. I've lost 15 lbs of my past relationship weight and I'm feeling great! Still work to be done but at least I'm seeing results. My new guy is a gym dude...surprising I know considering the selection of pics I post. And yes he has a few tatts and a shaved head. On top of the hotness, he's just a very caring and giving person...and it's a nice change. We both were the constant farmers in our last I think we're both a bit unsure how to take someone else being that way with us. So far though...I'm enjoying any moment I get to see him. We spent 3 hours at the gym yesterday, then milled about grocery shopping and ended up making dinner and eating at 11pm. If I hadn't run 6 miles between the treadmill and elliptical, I'd have not eaten that late.

Woke up at my place this morning, we're not at the point of sleeping over yet, and walked my boys on the trail through the woods and just enjoyed the great weather. Hopefully after the gym today I'll have a chance to finish up some house chores, and then we may be heading into the city for a night out. He has some friends in town and I haven't gotten a totally clear idea if he's ready for me to meet them or not...and to be honest I think he's just nit sure either. I'm fine either way...just as long as he's honest with me. I'm just enjoying the fun and firtyness of it all and trying to soak it all in.

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