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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

Life is buzzing and summer is quickly setting in.  I'm just keeping my head up with work and maximizing every minute I'm not consumed by it in some way or the other.  I am not letting the year go by without taking full advantage of long weekends, PTO, and any chance I get to lay out and kick back.  Mr and I are headed to San Diego for a week in just four short weeks.  A weekend in Rehoboth Beach just to get in some last minute family time in and do a joint Mother's/Father's weekend.  Taking the dogs and planning to get plenty of R&R.

I've realized how much Mr. has helped me realize the importance of taking time for yourself and valuing that time.  I have never been good at just taking my down time to relax...always trying to get ahead on chores, projects, and what nots.  Always putting off what I would like to do for what needs done.  There is obviously a time and place where that just is what it is...but there is also a definite need to give yourself a break.  I realized that the less time you think you deserve to spend on taking care of your own mind and body, the more time you actually need to spend on it.  And the more you give yourself that time...the more free and grateful you are for all the rest of the time you have out in the world.

Anywho...that's my rambling.  After a 4am alarm and a long ass day at the sweat shop I am still going strong and trying to not freak out about my 9 straight days of work before my weekend.  I am still trying to squeeze out my Memorial Day off since it's been to crazy to take it since'll get squeezed in somewhere I'm told, but I'm not holding my breath. :-)  I am squeezing in lots of baking...and working on an idea for another blog and eventual mini cookbook idea.  I'll have to test some pics on here and hide them in between hot men to see if anyone notices that they are yummy in a slightly different way.  

So...I must go, prep dinner for my man and maybe get a chore done here or there in between.  Breaking old habits takes at least 20 days.  lol.

Cheers - Rin

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