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Friday, June 22, 2012

Hot and Happy!

I'm off to the beach!  Had the whole day off today too to prep, bake goodies, and make sure my bois are tired and ready for the drive.  Nothing like an energetic dog panting by your ear to make the drive more fun. So I'm hoping the heat and walks today wipe them both out and they just curl up and sleep.

I baked some s'mores cookies for the trip and have a beach cooler full of snacks I've been avoiding for weeks.  I made some homemade mint tea from my patio garden and the travel mugs are prepped, ice is made.  I don't mess around here folks!  It sounds like it's a huge trek...but we'll only be in the car for 3  I just like to have rations for any it's vacay the minute I start the car.

So, that's that.  It's supposed to cool down by tomorrow so we can at least enjoy the beach and not die of heat exhaustion...which is always a bonus.  Looking forward to it all.

Cheers - Rin

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