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Monday, July 23, 2012

MANdatory Monday

I keep missing days and then weeks and then when I get back on here I feel bad for not keeping track of everything going on.  Vacay was AMAZEballs.  For real.  No we didn't go on some crazy trip to Bali or Europe...just a simple trip to San Diego to show Mr. around all the places I lived and loved while I was a Californian...I still am deep down.  We drove around, hung out with the friends I call my family, and did some fun stuff like kayaking with shark, the zoo safari park, and plenty of beach time.  It was good just to have all that us time.  It's so necessary to validate the work and routine that life requires.  And considering how work has was pretty much necessary for sanity alone.

On the work front...why does it seem every post lately involves work...oh yeah, it's overwhelming me and consuming my existence!  Interviews are popping up this week like comments on VH1 in the 90's.  Bring them on.  Some very cool opportunities though and just in time.  Really crossing my fingers for a few of them...which is weird considering how big these choices end up being in your life...what path they'll lead  down...what marks they'll make on my career...and what stamp they'll leave on my experiences.  For now I'm just wooing each recruiter and keeping every opportunity even and available for what is meant to be.  The benefit being that I have a new found ease to my there is an end in sight to the madness that is my current work day and schedule.  So that's that...on to a better state of being and becoming more open to life and enjoying the now.

Since the new job and then the onset of this insane heat wave I've been running on such a spotty and   uninspiring schedule that I'm about to buy a treadmill and squeeze it into our condo somehow.  I just need that constant opportunity to burn the energy and wear out any anxiety and pent up frustration...and yet I can't see the good in running when it's a heat index of 110 degrees.  So, as I'm always looking for a good deal I'm going to keep my eye out on craigslist for a treadmill and see what options are out there.  Who knows, maybe i'll find something that doesn't suck and isn't a rip off.  We'll see.  But for now I run when I can and do what I can to stay in shape and sane.  Maybe staying sane is just not natural for me at this point.
Who knows...I can try at least. :-)'s the good stuff...Start the week off right.

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