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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shades of Grey

Two days into training and it's going well. I feel very confident in my prior experience and how it relates to my new role with a new company. I just have to absorb as much as I can during the training while not wanting to shoot myself each day with the added 2.5 hours of driving to my training location. So grateful I stuck with my guns and didn't let any locations that would have been a slightly long commute...knowing my farthest drive could be 9 miles is a relief...and not the 30 each way I'm doing for training.

But I have once again been very blessed to have Mr. and his help with the dogs. He's home before me, walks, feeds, and entertains them to the point that they're calm and content when I get home. Something that is no easy task for sure. So amazed at his ability to just take on things and not stress or get caught up in the action of it all. He's more supportive and positive than anyone I've ever been with...and I'm so grateful to have him in my life. I will gladly be making dinners, coffee cakes, desserts, and anything else he wishes for in gratitude for then support over the next few weeks. Not that I don't already do that...but you know.

Came home last night and pan seared some chicken potstickers from Trader Joes. So good! I made a miso broth with some sauteed bok choy and added that to a few dumplings in a bowl for a quick dumpling soup. So good on a cold windy night! And leftovers for lunch today too!

So, that's about it. Just trucking along. Hoping everyone is keeping up with their healthy new years spurred lifestyle changes and feeling good! - Rin

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