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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year New You

So, things have been a little quiet on here...I know, I know.  The holidays didn't even drowned me this year so I can't blame that.  I just have been a bit head spacey and not in that "sit down and focus" kind of mind frame.  Mr, the dogs, and I have been staying busy with furniture hunting, hikes, cooking, and some family/friends time mixed in for shits and giggles.

I can finally say that I have officially accepted a new position with a new company and am starting in 2 weeks.  So thrilled and nervous all balled up into one. Such a massive amount of unknown open up with a single phrase of "I Accept".  I really clicked with my supervisor that made me the offer and she even was willing to accept some of my adjustments to the offer. So excited I could cartwheel for days.  Which I have done before, so don't get me started.  (it was a cartwheel-a-thon we did in gymnastics when I was 12...we raised money for cystic fibrosis).

Anywho, back to the now.  We scored these amazing vintage wingback chairs at a thrift store for the living room.  Insane because a friend spotted them two months ago and when we went to check them out then the store was closed.  Finally we had a day together during the week and there they were, sitting waiting for us.  And it was 50% off furniture day.  What the What!  We also did some repotting of our houseplants and upgraded to some awesome pottery we found at a local nursery.  Amazingly, and must to the benefit of Mr., the plants are doing great...the entire jungle we've collected.  Mr. brought home a huge ass palm a week ago and it's loving its new home.  Hell, my orchids are even sprouting new leaves these days.

So...lots of unknown...but the possibilities are limitless.  And my new gig is with a very well established company that has HR in place to prevent all the bs that was going on at my current gig.  That is invaluable I have learned.  Still unsure of whether I should pursue the fact that I was put on a bonus plan, exceeded the goals, and never paid out for my bonus.  My normal mind would say that karma will come and repay me for that wrong and repay those who caused it in reverse...but a bit of me thinks I should shoot the info to someone with some legal experience and see what they say.  I have a few law friends, but not sure what areas any of them specialize in...but I may pick their brains a bit.

Hope everyone's holidays were amazing and your new year is off to a running start.  Hugs, and i'll be better about keeping up now that things are ironed out and my head is clear.  - Rin

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