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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

West Bound...for a brief visit at least!

Well, things are rolling faster than I can even grasp.  I've been invited for a final interview for a position that would take me back to cali, cali!  At least I get a free flight out of it and a chance to meet up with some great friends that I've missed a lot.  Lots of mixed emotions over the proposition of such a quick end to this chapter.  I'm wondering if it's too much too fast.  Seeing the end of an 8 year relationship and moving to the opposite coast in the matter of a month or two is a lot of major life stressors all coming together.  In times like this I just wanna curl up with a bowl of premium coffee ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and watch whatever tivo has been storing up.  Good thing I have some ice cream on hand!

I think I get a bit overwhelmed trying to prepare myself for everyone's emotions with my life family, my dogs, my coworkers, etc.  It's as if I could actually have an answer to everything they're going to say, or even be able to know all the answers to their questions.  With all that swirling around, I can barely figure out what i'm feeling about the entire situation.

I think i'm handling the situation with my partner pretty well.  He doesn't want the responsibility of a relationship, dogs, a house, etc...not great that it took him 8 years, but really glad it didn't take another 10.  He wants to go out, party with a bunch of guys, and not feel guilty not coming why should I feel guilty if my doors are flying open with opportunities to move on and not get caught in the emotional BS?
I think it's time I figure out what will make it all work for me and my bois, and just run with it.  It'll be a crazy road, but I'll be sure to take my gps!  At least I get a quick vacation and some sun out of it...maybe enough sun to survive the rest of the winter?  I'm already planning what flip flops to take.  :-)

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